An expedition into the depths of a Martian volcano... what could go wrong?

Vamoose is a gripping 2D platformer featuring three challenging and exciting levels, a thrilling ambiance, and an original musical score by John Wojtechko.

My classmate Jess Jaynes and I created an iteration of the game for each of two class projects. After that, I made a substantial iteration independently beyond class. (2018-19)

My tasks were:

  1. Collaborate on concept
  2. Design and program
    1.  Player movement
    2.  Hazards
      1. "Bullslug" enemy
      2. Lava
    3.  Levels
  3. Create sprites and animations
    1. Player
    2. “Bullslug”
  4. Implement several audio-visual “juicing” effects
    1. Sound effects
    2. Particle effects
    3. Win, opening, and lose screens
  5. Conduct playtests

It was a lot of work, so I hope you enjoy vamoosing!

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